Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning


Now that your project is finished you’re probably in need of some professional “Construction Cleaning” to get rid of the drywall dust so that you can move in and show off all your hard work and planning. This is where we fit into the picture. New “Construction Cleaning” is important and requires a lot of detail cleaning, something we’ve done a lot of. Our experienced and capable crew will help you showcase your home, office, or building by dusting, wiping, and polishing all the surfaces, including floors, baseboards, walls, cupboards, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures from top to bottom. We also do professional interior window cleaning and exterior window cleaning up to 2 stories. We will remove any left over drywall mud and paint drips or over-spray. We can also seal and wax your new VC tile. When we’re done all you have to do is to move in. Call us as soon as you know your completion date and we’ll come and have a look at your site and give you a price for our “Construction Cleaning” service.

Our Guarantee“Zebra Construction Inc. has come to rely on Dave and his crew. From the initial point of contact with their office, we have come to expect prompt, courteous service. Dave and his reliable crew work diligently so we can turn our new homes over to their owners with the confidence that they have been cleaned to meet our standards. Our clients have invested in Zebra Construction’s quality build and we feel that Dave has been a valuable partner in the process.” Dianne Walls, Project Assistant, Zebra Construction Inc.

Why You Should Use Our “Construction Cleaning” Service

Simply put…we care about our clients and we promise to always go the extra mile every time we clean for you. A clean place is important for more than just looks. Many people have allergies these days and with the amount of airborne particulates floating around after doing construction you may inadvertently be bothering people who have asthma or allergies or are just plain sensitive to dust. A clean place not only looks better, it smells better too! Give “Guardian Angel Cleaning Ltd” a call today and let their “Construction Cleaning” service bring some peace and tranquility back to your living space. You’ll be glad you did!

Testimonials about our “Construction Cleaning” Service

“Dave and his crew were extremely responsive & professional in meeting our needs during completion of a high profile tenant improvement project. Dave provided excellent service and accommodated us with flexibility as dictated by the progress of the project. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.” Fabien C.

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