Exterior Gutter and Soffit Cleaning Testimonials

I love my work and here is the reason why!

Exterior Gutter and Soffit Cleaning

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My neighbours are Mother and Daughter with some significant health issues and are unable to work more than a few hours here and there. So needless to say they have little, if any, discretionary money even for routine maintenance. The exterior of their house has not been cleaned for years and had quite black gutters and siding and their wooden walkway and stairs were dangerously slippery anytime it rained. I reached out to them to help by offering to do the cleaning for the cost of the cleaning solution only. They gratefully accepted my offer and I did Exterior Gutter and Soffit Cleaning including the siding and then pressure washed their walkway and stairs for a small pittance. This was in late spring. Anyway, they came over last night and brought me a thank you card and some cash they had been saving. I was very moved and so glad I was able to help! I want to share the thank you card I received, it means more to me than getting paid! I hope you can read it. Thank you Joy and Melanie!

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“Our gutters were extremely dirty and black so we called Guardian Angel and talked to Irene to see if they could help. Dave came out, had a look around and gave us a very reasonable price to clean them so we gave the job to him. We are absolutely thrilled with how our gutters look now! They really do look brand new again, there’s not a spot on them. He did it all in a short time and without using a pressure washer. He did such a good job that we didn’t hesitate to have him clean the siding too. Now the whole house is clean and shiny. We highly recommend using Guardian Angel for any cleaning you might need. Thank you Dave and Irene.” Dave and Rita

Dave was very professional and did a great job with the exterior cleaning of our town house complex. He cleaned the exterior and window’s as well as detached garages for 18 units, and was done in probably about 5 days spread over 2 weeks. I was concerned about the use of bleach and he put my mind at ease as we had just had brand new roofs installed and I wanted to ensure that there wasn’t going to be any water getting into the attic. I will keep his contact information and only hire him in the future for our complex’s exterior cleaning needs. Also, I did get several quotes and Dave’s Guardian Cleaning quote beat everyone else by a long shot, you can’t get a better deal! Thanks so much Dave, I look forward to hiring you in the future.” Alicia A

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