Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

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Using purified (de-ionized) water for Window Cleaning is the latest and greatest in scientific cleaning technology. De-ionized water is produced by the chemical purification (ion exchange) of water from salts, metals, trace elements and micro-particles using special ‘ion-exchange’ equipment. The result is that de-ionization turns ordinary tap water into the purest water in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents. This is a scientific fact and not a ‘gimmicky’ or ‘slick’ sales pitch.

Our Guarantee“We found the service of the Guardian Angel Cleaning Ltd to be excellent. The deionized water process used for the cleaning of our windows and eaves was astonishing and so we have recommended it to our neighbours. Of course, we have an appointment for them to return.” Ray and Tracey ~ Triangle Mountain, Victoria, BC

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Windows and siding surfaces cleaned with cleaning agents are generally left with a very fine film which eventually attracts dust and particulates. Pure water cleaning leaves windows absolutely spotless and “film-less” meaning they will actually stay cleaner longer!

Purified Water Cleaning Systems are simply the best choice for cleaning windows, exteriors of buildings and homes, boats, automobiles, as well as having many scientific and other practical applications. This is why Purified Water Cleaning Systems are the only choice for the cleaning professionals at Guardian Angel Cleaning Ltd. Go here for Interior Window Cleaning.

“We have a 36 unit townhouse complex and Guardian Angel Cleaning services cleaned all the exterior windows, exterior sides of the gutters, and the HardiPlank siding. The work was exceptional, especially the methodology for cleaning the windows. I highly recommend this company and will have them return for future work.” A. L. Cedar Hill Links Strata

Purified Water FAQ’S  follow this link for frequently asked questions

Customer Benefits

Window Cleaning

Pure Water Cleaning Technology!

There are many advantages for customers when using Pure Water Cleaning Technology:

Cleaner Glass and Frames

Pure Water leaves a shine on the glass and frames without the use of chemicals. The pure water “attracts” the dirt and grime and lifts it from almost any surface.

Environmentally Friendly

It is a completely environmentally friendly way of cleaning windows and siding as no detergents are used. It means no more damage to buildings, lawns and planted areas from badly placed ladders and no more strange faces looking through windows unannounced!


Window cleaning can be a dangerous job and safety is our number one concern. Using Pure Water Technology and Telescopic Poles allows us to clean exterior windows and siding at heights up to 30′ eliminating the need for ladders, lifts, and scaffolding up to this height.

Less Expensive

Cleaning without having to use ladders and squeegees is usually quicker and easier so this saves you money. It also keeps our window cleaner out of your garden beds. Check out our pricing here.

Why You Should Use Our “Window Cleaning” Service

We really do care and promise to always go the extra mile every time we clean for you. But more than that, clean windows are actually good for your health. Clean windows allow more natural light and heat into your home. This can help with your electrical bills in the winter. Sunlight is also beneficial to our health because it promotes vitamin D which encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. This in turn is good for our bones and our immune system. Sunlight also plays a role in easing the symptoms of depression. You can read more about the role that vitamin D plays in our health here. 

Testimonials about our “Window Cleaning” service

“Thank you to your wonderful and professional staff for the FANTASTIC  job they did on our home today. Our windows are spotless, our gutters are clean and the interior of our home is amazingly clean. Thank you again.” Phil & Kim.

Window Cleaning with Purified Water

Purified Water Fed Pole

“Hi Dave (and Irene), Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did on our windows – they are perfection. What a treat to come home to 🙂 We really appreciate your professionalism and the work you did.” Warm regards, Sacha R.

“Thanks so much Dave for the wonderful job on my interior and exterior windows. My windows are so clear and sparkling! Very friendly, meticulous and professional service. A pleasure to deal with, I will most definitely recommend you, and have you back for window cleaning and other services to my home in the future.” Danielle


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