Interior Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning

Whether it’s a one-time job or an ongoing one, we can look after your home, office or new construction Interior Window Cleaning, fast and efficiently at a reasonable price. Clean windows are always a pleasure to look through. We use only the best squeegees and cloths to prevent streaking. Our environmentally friendly window cleaning solution is made up of dish soap and water and we use a window scraper to remove paint and other stubborn spots. We even have a system for removing that ugly mold that can grow in your window tracks. We spray your tracks with our powerful green cleaner – Frogwash -, and then scrub them with a brush or a blue pad. This releases the stubborn dirt and mold trapped in the tracks. We then pick up the dirty solution with a cloth or wet vac and rinse the whole area clean and polish it dry. In most cases your window tracks will look brand new again. We also clean your screens and frames inside and out. Call us for a free Interior Window Cleaning estimate. Go here for Exterior Window Cleaning.

Our Guarantee“Hi Dave (and Irene), Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job you did on our windows – they are perfection. What a treat to come home to 🙂 We really appreciate your professionalism and the work you did.” Warm regards, Sacha R.

“Thanks so much Dave for the wonderful job on my interior and exterior windows. My windows are so clear and sparkling! Very friendly, meticulous and professional service. A pleasure to deal with, I will most definitely recommend you, and have you back for window cleaning and other services to my home in the future.” Danielle


New: Interior Window Cleaning With Purified Water

That’s right, we are now able to use purified water to clean interior windows. We use poles and microfiber pads to scrub and polish your glass leaving streak free shiny windows and mirrors. Have you got a window or skylight that seems impossible to reach and you really don’t want to bring in a big ladder to get to it? Thanks to our new system we can easily reach skylights and high windows like the ones in your stairwell. No more worrying about marks that ladders leave either on the wall or on the floor and no more worrying about the ladder slipping and someone getting injured. Give us a call today for a no obligation estimate for your interior window cleaning!

See why we use Purified Deionized Water for Exterior Window Cleaning

 Why You Should Use Our “Interior Window Cleaning” Service

We really do care and promise to always go the extra mile every time we clean for you. But more than that, clean windows are actually good for your health. Clean windows allow more natural light and heat into your home. This can help with your electrical bills in the winter. Sunlight is also beneficial to our health because it promotes vitamin D which encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. This in turn is good for our bones and our immune system. Sunlight also plays a role in easing the symptoms of depression. You can read more about the role that vitamin D plays in our health here. 

Testimonials about our ”Interior Window Cleaning” service

“Thank you to your wonderful and professional staff for the FANTASTIC  job they did on our home today. Our windows are spotless, our gutters are clean and the interior of our home is amazingly clean. Thank you again.” Phil & Kim.

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