Our Products

Our ProductsThe main cleaner in our products is FrogWash. This product is a safe, affordable, effective, non-toxic phosphate free, multipurpose, GREEN cleaner from a homegrown BC company that really cares about our shared environment. This versatile cleaner is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, contains no added colour or scent and is safe enough that you don’t have to wear gloves. Gentle yet strong enough to replace all our previous cleaners. YA! It works by releasing the electrostatic charge that binds the dirt molecules to surfaces.

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 Read the Material Safety Data Sheet – MSDS

For Those Extra Tough Jobs!

We use professional grade cleaning solutions developed for the cleaning industry. These biodegradable products are safe for the environment and strong enough to tackle even the toughest jobs.

Hot Springs – Degreaser

Used for almost any situation hot Springs is a versatile heavy duty degreaser that leaves a nice clean scent. We make a very mild mix for everyday cleaning and a strong mix for those nasty jobs; makes removing grease, grime, and nicotine on any surface a breeze.

Glass Cleaner

We use a diluted mix of water and ammonia for cleaning windows and mirrors and almost any hard surface. This is a great cleaner as it needs no rinsing and evaporates quickly, making whatever it cleans sparkle and shine.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

This truly amazing product has changed the cleaning industry dramatically since its arrival on the market. This is a mainstay of our product selection because it works so quickly and efficiently. It will remove almost any mark on almost any surface when used properly. Mr Clean’s new floor mop is great on floors.

Sprayway Grill and Oven Cleaner

A powerful fast acting cleaner that makes cleaning ovens so much easier. Just spray on, wait 5-10 minutes and you’re ready to start cleaning. We thoroughly rinse the oven after we have cleaned it to avoid any odors when you turn the oven on after it has been cleaned.

Deodorizers – Bano and Breakdown

We use different types of deodorizers for different types of jobs. Bano works well for smoke damage. All we do is add it to the cleaning solution and rinse water. Breakdown is an odor eliminator with enzymes for removing odors from any organic source.

CLR – Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover

This is a great product for removing the mineral deposits you get from the hard water in well water. Cleans up the glass in your shower stalls so you can see through them again. We only use this product when nothing else works.

Tuff Green – Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A strong acid used only for toilets that have a nasty ring in them. Used only as a last resort.

Cleaning Solvents – Methyl Hydrate

Used primarily on construction sites to remove paint and glue from a variety of surfaces. Methyl Hydrate is the safest and most versatile cleaning solvent and our product of choice.

Standard Cleaning Equipment

Nilfisk Viking Vacuum Cleaners

This little workhorse is powerful yet light enough to be hauled around all day. Each crew has a least one with them at all times. We attach an air driven turbine power-head for carpets.

Cleaning Cloths

We use two types of cloths, a cotton cloth for general cleaning and a microfiber cloth for polishing and cleaning fine surfaces and glass. Each crew has a large assortment of each type to last throughout their day. We launder all dirty cloths with soap and bleach on a daily basis to ensure that they are sanitized.

Vileda Ultramax Mops and Pails

These mops are designed for today’s laminate and hardwood floors. They have a scrubbing power zone for removing stubborn dirt particles. They can be wringed out in the bucket or by hand for floors that shouldn’t get too wet. A clean pad is used for every job and the dirty ones are washed every night.

Etore Squeegees, Golden Gloves and Scrappers

This professional window gear gives results that you can clearly see through. All our cleaners are trained in the proper use of squeegies to ensure that your windows are sparkling clean.

Miscellaneous Cleaning Equipment

We have a variety of other products that we use from time to time such as: grout brushes; microfiber wall dusters; microfiber wall washing gear; Rubbermaid industrial floor mops; electric floor scrubbers; Wet vacs; large push brooms; small step ladders; a 6′, an 8′, and a 10′ step ladder; a 24 and a 28 foot extension ladder and a 3800 psi pressure washer, great for driveways, sidewalks, siding and decks. We update and add new equipment to our inventory whenever something new comes on the market.