Purified Water Cleaning FAQ’s

What is Purified Water?

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Cleaning With Purified Water

De-ionized water is produced by the chemical purification (ion exchange) of water from salts, metals, trace elements and micro-particles using special ‘ion-exchange’ equipment. The result is that de-ionization turns ordinary tap water into the purest water in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents. This is a scientific fact and not a ‘gimmicky’ or ‘slick’ sales pitch.

Our Guarantee“We found the service of the Guardian Angel Cleaning Ltd to be excellent. The deionized water process used for the cleaning of our windows and eaves was astonishing and so we have recommended it to our neighbours. Of course, we have an appointment for them to return.” Ray and Tracey ~ Triangle Mountain, Victoria, BC

Is purified, deionized water better for cleaning windows?

Yes, purified (de-ionized) water cleaning is the latest and greatest in scientific cleaning technology. It has dirt dissolving properties making it unnecessary to use any harsh chemicals or detergents. This cleaning system is completely environmentally friendly at all times. We use telescopic, low pressure, water fed poles instead of ladders for most of our cleaning. This protects your property and makes it much easier and safer for our operators. Unlike ordinary tap water, which has trace amounts of minerals in it, deionized water is ultra-pure and will not leave any streaks, spots, or residues behind.

Why don’t you use a squeegee?

Using squeegees is unnecessary because purified, deionized water has no dissolved solids in it so your windows will dry to a brilliant streak free shine every time. You will actually get a better job by allowing the water left on your windows to evaporate naturally.

Is this system safe for my windows and siding?

Yes, we scrub your windows & siding with a specialized soft window brush and then we thoroughly rinse the area clean with pure water and allow it to evaporate naturally. Window tracks are designed to drain out any water that accumulates in them however these drains are easily plugged which could lead to overflow problems. You may find water in some of your window tracks that open until it has had a chance to completely drain and/or evaporate. You should check each window for interior leaks after we have cleaned them.

Do you clean interior windows with purified water?

Yes, we can clean interior windows with purified water. Because we use poles and microfiber pads for this type of window cleaning we usually save this method for those hard to reach windows and interior skylights. We still like to use the traditional way with dish soap and squeegees for most interior windows.

Do you clean screens?

Yes, our window cleaning service includes cleaning both sides of your screens with a damp cloth.

Will purified water cleaning remove paint, varnish etc. from my windows?

No, our system does not remove any spots that require the use of a scraper however we do use scrapers to remove the odd spots that are visible and accessible while we’re cleaning. We are also able to remove heavy paint overspray, silicone, drywall mud, and glue for an additional charge. We will be pleased to give you a quote.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes, if you call within 24 hours of your service we will happily re-clean any problem areas. Please note that due to unknown potential problems with the waterproof integrity of any structure we cannot be held liable for any water damage that may happen to your building either interior or exterior whether accidently or otherwise. It is your responsibility to check for any water infiltration that may occur.

“We have a 36 unit townhouse complex and Guardian Angel Cleaning services cleaned all the exterior windows, exterior sides of the gutters, and the HardiPlank siding. The work was exceptional, especially the methodology for cleaning the windows. I highly recommend this company and will have them return for future work.” A. L. Cedar Hill Links Strata

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