Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke Damage


Chances are if you’re reading this you may be in need of some Smoke Damage Cleaning because your place has filled up with smoke. This is where we can help! Our Smoke Damage Cleaning Service will completely clean and deodorize the building and your contents from top to bottom. Unfortunately removing the smoke smell completely is not always possible with smoke damage cleaning alone. In tough cases we will use an ozone generator to clean the molecules in the air and in extreme cases your walls and ceilings may have to be painted to seal in the odor. Luckily we have partnered with Smartway Restoration Ltd. This is a fire and flood restoration company that can remedy these problems and more, including mould remediation. Be sure to call your insurance company first as they typically want to hand the job over to one of their preferred Restoration Companies which just might be Smartway Restorations. In turn Smartway Restorations may call us to help with the Smoke Damage cleaning. Even if you have had any structural damage from the fire and smoke damage we can arrange to get that repaired as well through Smartway Restoration.  If you have no insurance please do give us a call today  and we can make all the arrangements to get the damage repaired and get you back into your place.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying:

“We have called Guardian Angel to help us with some of our fire jobs and they have always come through for us; on time and on budget. I trust and recommend them.” M MacDonald, Smartway Restoration Ltd

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