Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning


Guardian Angel can handle even your biggest jobs, including “Spring Cleaning”. Get a fresh start anytime, with a complete package of our services. We’ll spring clean your home from top to bottom and in most cases do it in just one day. Imagine, one call, one day, one price, and everything is clean, bright and smelling great! Call Today for a free “Spring Cleaning” estimate.

Spring CleaningWhy You Should Use Our “Spring Cleaning” Service

Simply put…we really do care about our clients and we promise to always go the extra mile every time we clean for you. A clean home may be a happy home but it certainly goes farther than that. Keeping your home clean will cut down on the amount of airborne particulates floating around which helps people who have asthma or allergies. Also, a clean home will not only look better, it will smell better too! Think about this: if you keep your home clean you can have unexpected guests at any time without being embarrassed. Another great benefit you may find is that you just plain feel better once everything is clean and in its proper place! Give “Guardian Angel Cleaning Ltd” a call today and let their “Spring Cleaning Service” bring some peace and tranquility to your living space. You’ll be glad you did!

 Testimonials about our “Spring Cleaning” service

“Hi Dave. The house was sparkling! Your crew did an awesome job! My daughter and I were going to take full credit for it if my husband noticed, but he REALLY noticed and asked right away if we hired someone… we were busted when we couldn’t keep a straight face! Thank you very much and please extend my compliments!” Dani M

“Thank you to your wonderful and professional staff for the FANTASTIC  job they did on our home today. Our windows are spotless, our gutters are clean and the interior of our home is amazingly clean. Thank you again.” Phil & Kim.

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